Why are Piperazine and zeaxanthin good for my eyes?

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Description of lorcaserin can be found unchastity in smith bm, smith jm, tsai jh, schultz ja, gilson ca, estrada sa, chen rr, park dm, prieto eb, gallardo cs, sengupta d, dosa pi, covel ja, ren of a, webb rr, beeley nr, martin m, morgan m, espitia s, saldana hr, bjenning c, whelan kt, grottick aj, menzaghi f, thomsen wj: discovery and structure – activity relationship structures of (1r) – 8 – chloro – 2,3,4,5 – tetrahydro – 1 – methyl – 1h – 3 – benzazepine (lorcaserin), a selective serotonin 5 – ht2c receptor for agonist for the treatment of obesity. j med chem. 2008 jan 24 ; 51 (2):305 – 13. epub 2007 dec 21. [ pubmed:18095642 ].