Hey guys just wanted to share my Scrapebox set-up and some thoughts with you guys.

I think a lot of people who are new to Scrapebox mistakenly see that it is a one-time fee of $57 and think “wow that’s cheap and I heard good stuff about it” and run out and get it. However if you want to do it right you are gonna need a decent set-up. To run Scrapebox “properly”, you will need at least a VPS (I like fdcservers.net) and a ton of private proxies (I use Squidproxies).

Then I first started off with Scrapebox a while back I ran it on my home internet connection and got it quickly shutdown lol. I was pretty much sucking up all the resources in the surrounding area and got flagged. After an interesting conversation with my internet provider it came back on and I decided to get a VPS.

The Set Up I use is as follows (I usually don’t run more than 6 instances though):

VPS: FDCservers.net (Package 4)

Well the package isn’t actually “package 4” as they changed their packages recently and I think I’m grandfathered in. But VPS package 4 is about as similar to my set-up as possible.

The breakdown is as follows:

VPS Set-UP: $74/month

2GB Ram
500GB HD
32-Bit System
No Control Panel
5 IP Addresses
30Mbps unmetered

I pay $49 per month for this. I also have to pay $25 extra too for Windows 2008 which i think is kind of odd, but anyway the total price of the server is roughly $74/month

Private Proxies (200+ Squid Proxies) ~$300/month

I actually use anywhere between 200-250 proxies. I usually have at least 200 proxies minimum though as I run on average 6 instances at a time. Depending on what I do I run the connections anywhere from 30-80 and they are fine.

I use Squid Proxies because it was the first proxy provider I ran into because I got a 20% promo discount code after purchasing my Ultimate Scrapebox Tutorials guide. If you haven’t picked up some sort of instruction on Scrapebox do so immediately and just learn the right way from the start. I think the promo code for the proxy discount still works and it’s: ScrapeboxTutorials. I don’t know if it still works as I could be grandfathered in for that as well, but you can check it out I guess before paying.

I think I pay roughly about $1.50 per private proxy, but obviously I am purchasing them in bulk and with a coupon so I do probably get it cheaper. The bill for proxies for me comes out to about $300/month.

Do I think SquidProxies is the best proxy provider? Absolutely not. LOL. Do I think though it is good enough for my purposes? Yes.

Since I have so many proxies I find that I also don’t have to do the whole “Use Public To Harvest and Private To Post” thing when it comes to running it. A lot of people rock the 10-25 private proxies for posting and spend some time each day scraping a few hundred to harvest links. With 200-250 you don’t have to do that, however most likely you won’t be using this many proxies so FYI just know you may have to do it.

This is my set-up but obviously I think you can get away with much less. I think though you probably are going to have to end up spending at least $100/month just because you will need a VPS and probably should get at least something similar to what I have. Also since you aren’t going to buy a lot of proxies you won’t get a big discount and probably will pay somewhere between $2-3 each.

Do I think you should get Scrapebox. A RESOUNDING YES!!! However just know you need the set-up to run it right. If you are on the fence about it, I would recommend checking out my other SEO Tool Recommendations first.

Anyway that’s the set-up that I use to run Scrapebox. If you have any questions about yours let me know.